Wormed By Leonard

Originally released on cassette August 1988

Thwart Productions
Produced by TFUL282 and Greg Freeman
Rereleased on LP and CD 1995 by Thwart Productions

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1.It's Seven 
2.Hell Rules 
3.Leaky Bag
4.I Don't Know 
5.Milva Spectre
7.Oregon Trail
8.Misfits Park 
9.Coming and Going
10.Mr. Tuna's Big Old Place
11.Narlus Spectre 
13.Truck Driving Man
14.Out In The Kitchen
15.A Serious Matter
16.Mile Wide
17.Motorin' Flarey Henderson
19.Get Off My House
20.Scraping Skin Off My Shoulder 
Bonus tracks (not on original cassette)
21.Trevor  (recorded 1988)
22.Superstar (Carpenters cover, recorded 1989)
23.If I Were In A Shoe (recorded 1987)
24.Squidder Boy (recorded 1987)
25.Fat Christmas (recorded 1987)
26.Not In The Popply Dimension (recorded 1986)