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Leaky Bag

from the album Wormed By Leonard

lyrics written by Mark Davies

By the way, son, you're staring in the mirror
By the way, son, you're looking at yourself
By the way, son

It's only me
You want to close your eyes and think of nothing
And slip away

By the way, son, there's no one at your shoulder
By the way, son, there's no in the room
By the way, son

Your brooding eyes
There's nothing on the floor
Just look me in the face
You can look so ugly

By the way, son, I'm lying in the ground
By the way, son, you know just where I am

You see him still
His strength controls you and still you cower
He's only bones

Stick this back into your mind
Stick this back into your heart

I know I'm a leaky bag
All the time, drip, drip, drip

They pricked me full of holes, left me a dribbling wreck
Fallen limp like a dead balloon

I'm drooling out of every pore
Oh Lord I'm puddles everywhere

I'd like to bloat for awhile and maybe wrap myself in gauze
And keep it all inside my heart

I don't need such a leaky bag