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Lamb's Lullaby

from the album I Hope It Lands

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lyrics written by Mark Davies

From lily lips unbroken
A child, Emmanuel
Soft moonlight, sparkling starlight
Shocked shepherds standing still
Sweet sacred sleeping baby
No clue of future woes
Safe now in peaceful slumber
No thorns to harm the budding rose

Wise kings bear sober presents
Gold, frankincense and myrrh
Grave future duty hinted
But Jesus fails to stir
Soft dreams are warm protection
Bright angels' comforts flow
Sweet cherubs dance on sunbeams
Ward off the weight of fearsome load

Our sin can wait for manhood
Stain not your virgin mind
Postpone the bloody burden
Give innocence its time
Sleep sweetly, blessed Jesus
Think not of future woe
You've plenty time before you
2000 years and more to go