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Fat Christmas

from the album Wormed By Leonard (supplemental tracks)

lyrics written by Brian Hageman and Hugh Swarts

Christmas is here.Christmas is here
Christmas is here.Christmas is here
It's very fatIt's very fat
And all the lightsChristmas
Are very fat tooAre very fat too
And all the presentsAnd all the presents
Are very fat alsoAre very fat also
And all the little kiddiesAnd all the little kiddies
Are waiting to get themAre waiting to get them
And all the parentsAnd all the parents
Are watching the kiddiesAre watching the kiddies
As they grow fatterAs they grow fatter
Waiting for fat presentsWaiting for fat presents
And all the unclesAnd all the young girls
And all the auntiesAnd all the athletes
And all the auntiesAnd all the aunties
And all the athletesAnd all the athletes
Are getting fatterAre getting fatter
In expectationIn expectation
Of those very fatOf those very fat
Christmas presentsChristmas presents
They're getting fat!They're getting fat!