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Mr. Tuna's Big Old Place

from the album Wormed By Leonard

lyrics written by Anne Eickelberg

Let me watch you Mr. Tuna, while you are shooting a baby. While you are shooting a baby.
A wreath as big as an ox cart wouldn't suffice because you're too grand.
Because you are too steady--a "can-do" guy.
While you're up there with your horehound candy and your walking stick
I'm below with a lute tied to my chicken.

I have no one to confide in but myself when it comes to you and me, my dear
No one knows that you're really a girl - no one can imagine it
So I guess you'll have to keep on wearing pants even though you really shred in a skirt
I can't tell my mom, I can't tell my boyfriend
That Mr. Tuna's been a girl all her life and I want to go out with her