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You In A Movie

from the album Bob Dinners...

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lyrics written by Mark Davies and Brian Hageman

We celebrate all that's over
The holidays lumber on
We spend the nights fighting over
All the days already gone
The days, the nights, the weeks, the years

A cow mooed, then it called my name
"I could put any one of you in a movie"
It licked me, then it looked away
I lost a lot of blood that day
How's a cowpie like a cow?
The secret's in the cow

I'm a floor show always, yeah

I could sit on the bed all day and beg forgiveness
Or I could wet the bed and laugh all day on into evening

Oh, it's a move I'll decide on
It's a decision, it won't take too long
It's a move

I rise in the morning, it's a simple thing
An amazing dream survives waking
Every situation is something to sit in
Every situation - I'll take it and put it in my mouth

Yeah! Yeah! Yes indeed!
Yeah! Yeah! Yes indeed