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Tell Me

from the album Mother of All Saints

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lyrics written by Anne Eickelberg

Tell me a lie (I just want to be inside myself). I won't mind (I don't want to talk to anybody else) when the clouds cover the sky (I feel nothing; there's not a word to say). I walk alone and remember why (leave me alone... go away). The work it takes to uncover the truth is magnified by the need for the struggle. The work it takes to see things as they are is a lie; I see danger, trouble. Forget what we said before. The air is wet, hangs close to the street. Just walk -- half awake. Just walk -- half asleep. Picked it up burning hot, put it in my pocket. Started to rot, scrape off the mold. It shines in the light, threw it away 'cause it didn't look right. Now I'm on all fours digging through the sand looking for the treasure I once carried in my hand. Wait a minute, I forget what you said. Tell me, sing to me, about your holy fucking experience.