Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - The Songs

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Sinking Boats

from the album Lovelyville

lyrics written by Brian Hageman

Ankle-deep I am in this manure, raising a voice of merriment and mirth like a Ford automobile birthday cake, like a big ham sandwich in a Glad bag. When it's like this, I could carry a load for days, and when it's not, I just don't care.

We went all out on a long dry board. Tiptoed through a garden of bulbous delights. We slung ketchup like a microscope sinks and as long as we walked, the road stretched longer. When it's like this, the rocks talk dirty and they think it'll be sexy when we pass.

Hotcakes lying in the middle of the road
I tipped a glass to some people who drowned
And in a deep funk, I felt a murky brotherhood with inhalers of water, intentional or not.
Dirty windows are better left open or cleaned off, then shut. Sinking boats are better left alone.

Boats lie rotting along the channel, the bottom mud thinking dirty thoughts, never going to school or learning any better. Each day brings gifts of decay, the smells of an end to indigestion.

Ankle-deep I am in this manure. The smell has risen to bring me awake and I'm squatting and squeezing out what ails me. I'd like to stay standing because doing so seems best, but I'd also like to lay down and drown in this happiness.