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Holy Ghost

from the album Bob Dinners...

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lyrics written by Mark Davies

Drunk bones in the basement, rotten smells upon the floor
A broken man slumped on a crate and staring down

Lighting fires and snipping wires, praying to the ceiling
Pulling up his stomach, gray and green and brown

The upstairs neighbor asked him up, said he could stay a while
Help with the chores, do the wash, sweep the stairway too

He looked up every day, he looked down every night
Swept the stairs and watched - what could you do, what could you do?

Holy Ghost, the clouds are calling, calling you

I overheard the Holy Ghost
He said he might have been a spy
Hanging out with bishops and nuns
Eating gooseberry pie
In cahoots with the guy in the cellar
Or the man upstairs
I heard a door creaking at night
But I couldn't tell where

Gangs are forming on the ground
The Caves versus the Clouds
One soul paces up and down
Referee in a dirty, dirty town