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The Barker

from the album Bob Dinners...

lyrics written by Mark Davies

The barker convinces, the barker persuades
The pestering cur drags his master away

The barker confuses, the barker controls
The pestering cur hounds you body and soul

This cream will make you sing!
This powder's gonna fill you full of living
This car will fill your heart with joy and laughter
This shampoo's gonna make you feel like screaming

Take it from me
I'll give you what you need to be strong
I'll satisfy your body and your heart and make it easy to live
I'll make you belong

This beer will make you live
This soap is gonna sparkle up your marriage
This soda pop will fill your mind with comical quips
This burger's gonna make you fill your panties!

Give it to me
I do it all, I do it all for you
I'll dazzle all your friends when you take me for a walk
Then I'll eat you out of house and home and shit on everything you own