Compilation Track Year Format Label
Timeless Positive Infinity Superstar (by the Carpenters) 1989 7" Bananafish Magazine
Not All That Terrifies Harms Trevor 1992 7" Nuf Sed/Ajax
Mesomorph Enduros Nothing Solid 1993 LP/CD Big Cat
Soluble Fish Out in the Kitchen 1993 CD Homestead/Chemical Imbalance Magazine
Fear of Pop Music proto-Hurricane (live) 1993 LP Fear of Pop Music
Clear the Room 2x4s (live on WMBR) 1993 7" No Life
Strength Through Ooij Empty Cup 1995 CD Brinkman (Netherlands)
Outstandingly Ignited Ed Sullivan (words by Ernest Noyes Brookings) 1995 CD ESD
Komotion International Sound Magazine Undertaker (live) 1995 CD Komotion International
Eyesore: A Stab at the Residents The Electrocutioner (by the Residents) 1996 CD Vaccination
Sidereal Rest Electric Chair 1996 CD Scratch
Return to Sender Green Eyed Lady (live) (by Sugar Loaf) 1996 CD Normal (Germany)
You Gan't Boar Like An Eabla When You Work With Turkrys Everyday 1996 CD Amarillo
The Basement Recordings - Live at Cicero's Socket (live) 1997 CD On The Clock
What's Up Matador My Pal the Tortoise 1997 CD Matador
Harmony of the Sponges Sponge Dilrod 1998 CD Gym Teacher magazine
Badaboom Gramaphone #4 Blank Eyed Devil 2000 CD Badaboom Gramaphone magazine
Hangin' From the Devil's Tree Entoloma 2001 CD Your Flesh Magazine
Better Than the Beatles - A Tribute to the Shaggs Who Are Parents (by the Shaggs) 2001 CD Animal World Recordings